Masters Thesis

Implementing Lean thinking in a cosmeceutical CGMP manufacturing environment via Six Sigma tools

The focus of this study is two-fold: (1) an exploratory literature review of Lean thinking implementation and (2) a directed Lean Thinking implementation project, specifically 5S, applied to a cosmeceutical manufacturing environment. The objective of the project, coupled with literature reviews, was to determine whether a 5S implementation project can impact eliminating wastes while improving efficiency. Qualitative measurements are observed and recorded from an empirical lens, via a 5S Assessment Checklist. The uniqueness of this project is that 5S Lean thinking has not been well documented or implemented in the cosmeceutical manufacturing environment. The completion and analysis of the 5S project data suggests that Seiri, Seiton, and Seiso are fairly easy to adopt, whereas Seiketsu and Shitsuke are the hardest—particularly Shitsuke. The data from this thesis suggest that 5S principles qualitatively contribute to minimizing wastes, thereby increasing productivity and improving quality for the organization in the cosmeceutical manufacturing environment