Masters Thesis

Acculturation and Attitudes toward Psychological Help Seeking among Iranian Americans

Immigrants face many psychosocial stressors when leaving their culture of origin and acclimating to a new host culture. Ethnic minorities have less positive attitudes about mental health, even though they may actually be a population that should seek psychological help. The current study examined psychological help-seeking intentions in Iranian-Americans using an acculturation framework. Forty-three participants completed an online survey that assessed psychological help-seeking and acculturation. Results indicate that positive attitudes toward seeking psychological help are not related to acculturation in the present sample of respondents. This may indicate a fundamental difference between Iranian-Americans and other ethnic minorities. However, consistent with existing research, Iranian-American females expressed more positive attitudes toward psychological help-seeking than did their male counterparts. Findings also revealed that Iranian-Americans’ tolerance to mental health stigma was significantly related to their intentions to ultimately seek psychological help.


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