Do families use technology for social good?

The purpose of this research paper is to inquire how families communicate through the use of technology and to discuss if their use coincides with one of the 12 Grand Challenges of social work. The word "technology" is used as a general term which encompasses such plugged-in devices such as tablets, smartphones, computers, televisions, and videophones. The question for this research paper was, “Do families use technology for social good?" The research was a qualitative research design. The literature analyzed by word repetitions, themes, key terms, and year. Keywords such as family access to technology, family use of online counseling services, family communication, technology, e-therapy, and family use of telehealth, were used to filter through the literature. The research allowed for social workers to discover if families are using technology for social good within their family units when viewed through the lens of Grand Challenges of social work, specifically Grand Challenge #8. This research can be used to formulate a foundation for future research in how social workers can promote technology for social good to families. Keywords: Family access to technology, Family use of online counseling services, Family communication, technology, e-therapy, and Family use of telehealth.