The Effects of Accelerated Reader on Students' Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Reading

The importance of creating lifelong readers has been always been a value to all teachers because it is critical factor that contributes to a student’s academic success. Accelerated Reader has been implemented among schools across the nation to engage students into reading and used as a tool to measure student learning in reading achievement. Research on Accelerated Reader reveals that the reading program has contradictory findings of having a positive and negative effect on students. A qualitative research design was used to investigate whether and how Accelerated Reader effects students’ perceptions as reader and attitudes towards reading. A total of 25 second graders provided qualitative data with responses to a survey and interview. Classroom observations were also made over the six-week period of the study. Analyses of student behaviors, responses, and comments led to identification of important themes related to the students’ experiences with Accelerated Reader. The results showed that Accelerated Reader did affect students both positively and negatively.