Student Driven Inquiry into Action

In order to develop a sound inquiry based learning program, one must be well versed in the current Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) models and strategies used both domestically and internationally. This research study works towards a further understanding of student perceptions of inquiry and how those skills and knowledge can be transferred towards something greater. Many students are asked to inquire into topics being discussed in class, but is that inquiry ever transitioned into real-life, applied learning skills with actionable results? This research study investigates student perceptions of student driven inquiry, inquiring into new and developing topics, to then take that learned knowledge and go further. By giving educators the tools to promote inquiry skills to action based learning, students may be more excited and encouraged to take their learning and apply it to the world around them. The methods of this project will be to students’ perceptions of inquiry between different demographic groups (i.e. gender, age/grade levels, etc…) and how possible gaps can be closed between groups to then support all students and their individual learning needs.