Music and its Effect on Sleep Quality Among Nursing Students

Nursing school requires time and preparation to be successful. Quality sleep plays an important role in this preparation. Insufficient sleep negatively affects well-being, health and one’s ability to learn and retain new information. In the hospital setting, decreased sleep is associated with increased medical errors. Music has shown to be an effective non-pharmacological sleep aid in multiple populations. The objective of this proposed research grant is to examine if nursing students who listen to music prior to bedtime show improved sleep quality. Sleep quality will be measured by the Pittsburgh Quality Sleep Index (PSQI). Recruited traditional baccalaureate nursing students will complete the PSQI prior to initiating the intervention of listening to music for 30 minutes prior to bedtime. At the end of four weeks they will again complete the PSQI. A paired t test will be used to compare PSQI scores before and after the intervention. It is hypothesized that there will be an improvement in sleep quality as measured by the PSQI after the music intervention has been completed.