Masters Thesis

Integration of Lean practices to eliminate waste and improve productivity in software development

Software development organizations are in need of better quality practices and techniques to meet the demands of customers, increase the quality of software, and eliminate waste. Their goal is to ensure that products are high quality, fairly priced, and achieve customer expectations. This thesis presents the Lean Manufacturing Practice, developed by the Toyota Manufacturing System, that promotes the elimination of waste and incorporates the processes and concepts of Lean into the software development environment. The five fundamental principles (value, value stream, flow, pull, and perfection) are integrated into the context of software development. This study focuses on the principles of “Lean thinking” for improving the workflow, decreasing lead time, eliminating waste, conducting preventative maintenance, and increasing software quality. The intent of this study is to illustrate how Lean can eliminate waste and improve quality, which ultimately can lead to greater customer satisfaction in the context of software development.