Student Research

Bring Your Own Cup

It is estimated that about 54% of Americans in the U.S. drink coffee on a daily basis. Equaling to 3 cups of coffee a day per person. The end result to all of the coffee drinking is a total waste of 60 billion paper coffee cups of waste that end up in our landfills every year. Very little people know that paper coffee cups are non recyclable because they are lined with a layer of plastic known as Polyethylene also known as grade 4 plastic. Because the recycling process is too expensive and difficult, most recycling centers reject these paper coffee cups. Although the coffee industry is one of the main consumers of paper cups, sadly it isn't the only industry using paper cups. these cups are also used for other food related purposes. This creative research project is based off of research and the combination of design. It is a 3 piece project that explains the reason why coffee cups are non recyclable. Starting with an infographic, followed by a series of posters that encourage people to bring there own cups to coffee shops, and ending with a completed board game that has setbacks throughout the game to represent how harmful and how much of our earths resources it takes to make and decompose paper coffee cups.