Nearest Hospital Tracking and Disease Prediction

During medical emergencies, patients are often shunted from hospital to hospital due to lack of ICU beds leading to loss of many lives. Also crucial time is lost calling up every individual blood bank trying to find blood of the required group in an emergency. In a crisis, as those precious seconds slip away, knowing where the nearest vacant ICU bed is or how many blood bottles of the required type the nearest blood banks have, can mean the difference between life and death. However no service that provides such crucial real time information exists in most parts of the world - information that would be invaluable during personal medical emergencies as well as natural disasters, terrorist attacks and public health epidemics. On any case of emergency, the relatives or public take the patients to the nearest hospitals for treatments. There are chances that the further treatment and required services might not be available at that hospital. The hospital management may suggest taking the patient to some other hospital. Again moving the patient to other hospital for treatment is time consuming, expensive and it leads to discomfort of patient. This situation occurs because the relatives or public are unaware of the services provided by the hospital. So we need a system which gives all information related to different hospitals. This is the application which provides the information related to different hospitals via online and through texts. A healthcare application is proposed which facilitates the patients a list of nearest hospitals and along with the feature of services availability. So this application provides the hospital details such as services types, specialization details etc.