Wind generation : dynamic analysis and impact assessment

To reduce emissions of harmful substances in the environment, the current trend in power generation is based on utilization of environmentally-friendly resources such as wind farms and photovoltaic power plants. During the last two decades, because of the impact of the greenhouse effect, the shortage of the resources, the renewable energy sources have been attracting great attention. Meanwhile, with the development of the science and technology, and the increase of the people’s awareness of using clean energy, the wind energy industry develops fast in the market. However, the wind generator directly connected to the grid may cause issues that need attention. The project aims at studying and analyzing the problems which may deteriorate the operation of the grid. In this project, the relevant papers are searched from IEEE and google scholar. The referenced books and data are got from courses and supervisors, especially the wind paper from Dr Yazdani, which offers the most solutions and ideas. Simulations and results are presented using MATLAB/SIMULINK and PSCAD. Models of IEEE34 node system and the wind generators are discussed. Some of the challenges in the dynamic behavior of the grid such as: Intermittency effects, harmonic impacts, and system stability are found by the software simulation.