What are Teachers Perceptions of Looping?

Students usually go through school having a new teacher every year. Looping, an attempt to change this traditional paradigm is when a teacher spends two or more years with the same groups of students. When the looping years are over, the teacher begins this process with another group of students. The purpose of this study is to explore the perceptions of teachers on looping. Each teacher has different perceptions about looping and has their own reasons for being willing to or not willing to loop with a class. Each of these reasons falls into four different areas: academic implications, emotional and social implications, parental implications, and other implications of looping. This study is a quantitative research design. Thirty-two teachers from a large urban Title 1 school in San Diego County chose to participate in a cross-sectional survey. There was two parts to the survey. The first part was about the demographics of the teachers. The second part consisted of eight open-ended questions pertaining to looping.