Co-parenting program for parents of preschoolers

The purpose of this project is to provide a co-parenting program for parents experiencing challenges and conflict in the family, including parents whom are separated or divorced. The program is a school-based intervention program designed for parents with preschool-aged children and is designed to build positive parenting skills and teach co-parenting strategies to parents whom can then help their children as they transition through family turmoil involved in separation and divorce. This proposed project, the Co-Parenting Program for Parents of Preschoolers (CoPPP,) is intended for both, parents and children. Implemented as a supplemental program to preschool centers, the CoPPP is a unique program in that it focuses on preschool-age children and their families. In addition, the goal of the CoPPP is to improve the quality of parent behavior, parent relationships, and parent-child relationships through group seminars, interactive activities, home practice skill building activities and additional resources. This project provides a comprehensive early intervention program that facilitators can implement with a diverse family population.