Masters Thesis

Exploring Millennial's perspectives on mentorship

The meaning of a mentor has evolved in time due to the effects of generational differences. At the time, the Millennial Generation in healthcare is developing in their careers with the guidance from a different generation. Literature indicates that there is a variation on mentoring throughout generations. Therefore, this study focused on exploring millennials perspectives on mentorships. The purpose of this study was to learn millennials experience and expectations on the mentoring process. It is important to learn their perspectives in order to understand millennials needs in current and future mentorships. This study also helps to enhance mentoring programs and education on mentoring. In the study, nine participants were interviewed. Participants were individuals part of the Millennial Generation between 18-34 years of age. The millennial participants also consisted of being a mid-level or a graduate pursuing a career in healthcare. Their analyzed responses developed two themes. The “Mentoring?” theme included the subthemes: lack of awareness, a mentor the servant role, variation of desired traits, and beyond a professor’s role. The “Paradoxes!” theme included the subthemes: reluctant to develop a relationship and fear the presence of flaws. Based on the results analyzed, literature, and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory three recommendations were developed. Recommendations included: let millennials be ready, educate on mentoring, and initiate with career counseling process.

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