Masters Thesis

Using control charts to increase and monitor employee engagement: a case study

This study explores the problem of employee engagement as related to product quality in a manufacturing firm. The product quality characteristic is defined as the ability of a product to meet the specification limits of any design characteristic. To control product quality, operators need to appropriately monitor the production processes. Since the goal of any quality driven firm should be to minimize process variation in any process, the operator’s processes tend to consist of repetitive tasks. This repetition can lead to fatigue, which, in turn, can cause an operator to pay less attention to process monitoring. By following the define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC) flow, this study uses control charts to stimulate an operator by signaling, therefore, keeping them engaged in a process such that the process is monitored as closely as it should be. Modified control limits will provide fewer signals and less monitoring than more tightly calculated limits.