Graduate project

A study of factors which affect the attitudes of parents of young deaf and hard of hearing children toward their child's education

Parent counseling and guidance for parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing children has been an area of neglect by professionals and laymen alike. Very little has been endeavored to assess the attitudes these parents have towards their hearing-impaired children and to their education. Also, very limited and often conflicting information have been given to parents concerning the needs, implications, and hope for the future of deaf individuals. This study found that 86% of the parents surveyed were initially counseled by Oral sources. More than half of these parents expressed concern for not receiving comprehensive counseling in the beginning and resulted in mixed attitudes towards deafness. Recent court actions and the passing of Public Law 94-142 and the "Civil Rights of the Handicapped Act" will demand development of guide-lines to provide qualified comprehensive counseling and guidance for parents of deaf children and for the rights of the children themselves.

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