A resource guide for teachers to support at-risk students through their independent study experience

This project culminates several years of study and teaching in an independent study environment. A review of the literature shows the number of at-risk students in public school is increasing. Many of these students are choosing independent study as a safe alternate learning environment. At issue is the limited number of resources and training opportunities available to independent study teachers to help them meet the unique needs of their at-risk students. This project focuses on helping the independent study teacher meet the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs of their at-risk students by providing a user friendly resource guide that describes local, state, and national resources that are available. A review of the literature also shows the significance of young adult literature in helping students validate their experiences and see how others have coped with the same issues. The second section of the resource guide provides annotated descriptions and links to Young Adult Literature websites where teachers can find professional resources and booklists specifically geared to engage the at-risk student. Students at risk need mentoring relationships to help them succeed and reengage in their education. The independent study teacher is in the perfect position to accept this role. This resource guide provides solutions and acknowledges both the student’s needs and the independent study teacher’s value in addressing those needs.