Resiliency development among youth at risk

Over the last couple decades, resiliency development among youth has become a paramount area of study. Despite limited research on resiliency development, existing research shows specific factors that may help protect youth against a cycle of drugs, gangs or other delinquency behaviors. The emphasis of this study was to explore resiliency development among youth at risk after completing a mentor-based after school program. Specific resiliency factors that were explored in this study were strengths, goal setting, and future outlook. Six youth were selected to participate in this study. Three male and three female. A semistructured, opened-ended interview guide was utilized to collect data on participant’s identification of strengths, goal setting and future outlook. Results illustrate communication skills as being significant among other strengths. Results also indicated that youth developed life goals during the participation of the program. CCPY program mentors and strengths-based activities were identified as factors that contributed to the development of participants’ resiliency, specifically their strengths, goals, and future outlook.