Masters Thesis

A lean manufacturing model for a meat packing distribution company

Most organizations question how to optimize performance to remain competitive and maintain customer loyalty. In today’s fierce competition, quality and process improvements are critical to reduce costs and maximize manufacturing performance. Company ABC is challenged with wastes associated with over production, extra processing, non-value-added motion, excessive inventory, and bottlenecks in operations. The company needs cost effective solutions that are easily implemented with a minimal learning curve. This thesis proposes a Lean manufacturing model using the five principles of Lean applied to a meat packing and distribution company. Lean process improvements facilitate on-time delivery, reduce defects, implement visual management, optimize workplace organization, and improve employee morale. The Lean processes business model is analyzed along with the challenges, obstacles, and lessons learned during its development and implementation. Lean tools and process metrics are used to monitor reduction of internal wastes, avoid bottlenecks, simplify processing steps, improve profitability, and customer satisfaction.