Masters Thesis

Emotional Intelligence, Emotion Recognition, and Leadership

This research study evaluated emotional intelligence and emotion recognition and their ability to predict leadership capacity. The purpose was to identify the strongest predictors of leadership from a series of emotional intelligence factors and emotion recognition accuracy. A composite assessment was developed using a widely validated and accepted emotional intelligence test called the TEIQue-Short Form, a newly designed facial emotion recognition test, the Fullerton Emotion Recognition Survey (FERS) and a self-report leadership scale. Participants (n = 201) were assessed from both the undergraduate population at California State University, Fullerton as well as an online outreach campaign using Facebook and other social media outlets. Employing multivariate and stepwise regressions as well as basic correlations, the four main factors of emotional intelligence, all of which significantly predicted leadership capacity, were ranked in order of correlation strength with leadership. The FERS ultimately lacked reliability and validity however; the goal of adding complexity to the current available instruments remains a focus for future research.


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