Does butch nappy hair offend you?: one teacher's struggle for acceptance in the professional world of education

Through the analysis of three experiences detailed from a gay black teacher, Does Butch Nappy Hair Offend You? One Teacher's Struggle for Acceptance in the Professional World of Education, she answers the question, what role did homophobia and racism plays in the development of a gay black teacher's pedagogy? Taken from her personal teaching experiences, the stories focus on her encounters with racism and homophobia and a intersection of both in education. The author uses an autoethnographic methodology using Critical Race Theory analysis. She finds superior white hegemony and heteronormativity is prevalent in our education system. She recommends addressing covert and overt racism and homophobia in education requires a change in the thought process that hinders daily functioning in the education system. Keywords: Autoethnographic, Black, Gay, Heteronormativity, Homophobia, Intersectionality, Racism, White Hegemony