Masters Thesis

Career training center for the handicapped.

Many programs operate successfully for several years, yet do not seem to have an impact on other programs in need of the same success. This thesis will attempt to bridge that gap by describing the inception, development, implementation, and projections of the Career Training Center (CTC) which is a component of the Special Education program of the Kern High School District in Bakersfield, California. Though this thesis may provide guidelines for some school districts, it is hoped that creative thinking would be encouraged and that the resultant programs developed will exceed the present scope of the CTC. While some may find information contained herein useful for replication, this will become a record for the CTC on which future direction can be built. The research and writing procedures have helped personnel recall experiences which had been forgotten, but which were significant to the conception of CTC. Limited initial information existed which told how to organize and implement an actual training and place- ment center for handicapped students. Most of the program is develop- mental; the program is constantly under revision while always looking for more effective methods to enable the handicapped to become more self-sufficient and employable.