Capstone project

Submersible R.O.V.

Based on the Marine Technology ROV Competition rules for 2008, we designed and built a remotely operated vehicle to maneuver underwater and to collect and store samples from simulated underwater thermal vents. The propulsion is accomplished by adapting submersible bilge pumps for use as thrusters. Re-surfacing is made possible by the use of compressed air to restore buoyancy to flooded ballast tanks attached to either side. Simulated samples are acquired by using another submersible motor in a geared mechanism which sweeps the sample into the collection box. During our prototype testing, we tested each system individually to ensure that they operate properly. The effectiveness of the sample collection device was determined outside of the pool by the project's ability to pick up an object sitting in front of it. Due to an inability to seal the electronics box, the ROV could not be tested in the environment that it is designed to operate in and therefore, evaluating the maneuverability of the project in a pool is difficult. However, we predict that because all of the systems work independently from one another, they will operate together when it is possible to test the ROV.