Capstone project

The role of a leader in high-poverty schools

The problem of practice that I investigated in this inquiry research paper is that of poverty in the public school system, and the role that those in leadership positions in high-poverty schools play in the success of those schools. The methodology included in this study is twofold: a review of the literature, and an interview that was conducted with a community partner whom had relevant expertise to offer. What was found through these two forms of data collection was that there are certain characteristics of leaders in high-poverty schools that contribute to the success of those schools. The characteristics identified in this research are leaders that have high expectations for their staff and students, leaders that value the development of their staff, and leaders that focus on improving their school environment both physically and relationally. The conclusion drawn from this study is that the role of leadership in high-poverty schools can have a large impact on the success of the school’s academic success. The implications drawn from this research is that the role of leadership in high-poverty schools ought to be more highly valued and developed.


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