The effects of completing career exploration activities on the attitudes of middle school students with learning disabilities on career decidedness

Career decidedness attitudes of four middle school students with learning disabilities were examined through completion of a pre and post interventions Career Decidedness Scale. Case study methods were implemented to gain an in depth understanding of whether interventions, such as completing career exploration activities, would have an affect on the career decidedness attitudes of the participants. Interventions included answering pre and post interview questions, completing an interest survey, creating a budget, and researching career choices. Case study findings did not reveal stronger career decided attitudes among the participants after performing career exploration activities. However, post interview results described how the career activities positively assisted each student in becoming more aware of their choice of career interests, needs, desires, job descriptions, and career paths. Researcher encouragement for students to exercise self-determination skills, selfadvocacy skills, and self-efficacy beliefs did not provide evidence in student responses of such skills as part of the conclusion to this study and may warrant further need to research. Keywords: Career decidedness, middle school students, learning disabilities, career exploration, career development, career attitudes