Effectiveness and Application of Fayol'sPrinciples of Management to Contemporary Public Organization

The theories of Henry Fayol were designed to model how management should interact with personal, how to create efficiency, promote production and how to have an effective organization as a whole. The purpose of this study is to show the incentive of adapting Fayol’s principles and management functions within the entire organization of Los Angeles County’s work force. The object of this study is to link the employees and managers of Los Angle County with the skills needed to work together for the better good of the public they serve. There is an increase of an indigent population, which includes an increase of Homeless and an elderly population on the rise. With the knowledge, practice and implementation of Fayol’s principles, functions of his management skills, along with implementation of some scientific management theories, Los Angeles County can take the direction of a strong leading employer that will empower the employees and the organization as a whole. By adapting these principles, the citizens of Los Angeles County will reap the benefits of a strong public sector organization. This study suggest clear and definitive strategies that can be utilized as the foundation for a leadership that is productive and for an effective working environment that will increase in productivity, knowledge and stability. For decades scholars have been putting more emphasis on management and leadership skills in the private and public sector. The administrators of Los Angeles County are desperately seeking ways to enhance their working relationship with the employees of Los Angeles County; and they are looking for ways to build moral and strengthen their production in the work force. This study will be a resolution to the request that Los Angeles County has regarding their need for a solution. Fayol systematically outlined the principles that can be valuable to the organization of Los Angeles County if they were implemented. Rediscovering what Fayol institutionalized decades ago would result in a strong well organized organization.