Working parents/growing kids : a guide to defining and meeting your child care needs

Statistics now reflect rapid increases in the number of working parents in America, who recognizing the extreme importance of the early years in child growth and development, are seeking quality child care experiences for their children. In addition, beginning the first away-from-home group child care experience is an important and often difficult transition for both parents and child. The circumstances surrounding the enrollment of a child into a child care program are often hurried and confusing. The child usually has little understanding of the new environment, or the reasons behind the sudden changes in his life. Many children entering into a child care program may be experiencing separation from their parents for the first time. Therefore, parents need to be aware of the importance of choosing the right type of day care program to best meet the needs of their family. This text is designed to help parents and children make this step a little easier by offering guidelines for observing, selecting, and evaluating child care programs. The material has been divided into sections, for the purpose of helping parents to: define the different types of available child care, determine the child care needs of their individual family, and locate a facility which will meet those needs. The book also concerns itself with anticipating some common problems which sometimes occur upon enrolling a child in a day care facility, offering suggestions for dealing with these problems, looking at child care from the child’s perspective, and examining and discussing the “rights” of parents as well as of children. It is hoped that the suggestions and resources offered through this project will help parents to choose the best place for their child to be, while at the same time easing the young child’s entrance and adjustment into the child care program.