Neoglacial geomorphology of the Kuna Crest, Yosemite National Park, California

Glacial deposits on the Kuna Crest, in the alpine zone of the central Sierra Nevada, reveal five distinct post-Pleistocene glacial advances. Correlations among tills were accomplished for the most part by lichenometric analysis. Data obtained by semi-quantitative techniques, topological relationships, and sediment grain-size analysis were also employed for comparisons. Agreement of surficial characteristics with other workers' descriptions of glacial deposits allow tentative correlations with neoglacial sequences found elsewhere in the Sierra Nevada. Insolation values were determined, with the aid of a computer plotting program (TRID), for the area bounded by the second neoglacial pulse. Only 19 percent per year of the total solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere reaches the cirque basins; 46 percent of the loss is due to cirque morphology.