Relationship Between Technology Use and Development of Social Skills

This quantitative study examined the relationship between hours spent on technology and the development of social skills (survival, interpersonal, conflict resolution, and problem-solving) in children ages 8-18. It was hypothesized that children who spend excessive amounts of time (3 hours or more per day) on technology, are less likely to form the basic social skills needed to thrive independently in the future. Through a 4-point likert scale, 100 parents/caregivers rated 16 questions about the display of their child's social skills from'almost never' to'almost always' on an electronic survey. As predicted, it was found that excessive technology use negatively correlated with the development of social skills in children. It has been found that children's social skills suffer with the constant technology use. Polices must be in place to ensure that parents, schools, as well as social workers, be actively involved in ensuring that children are well equipped with the necessary social skills.