The Effects of an Explicit Word Study Approach on Spelling Achievement of Kindergarten Students

The focus of this study was to examine the effects of an explicit word study approach on spelling achievement in kindergartners. More explicitly, to what extent do students benefit :from a developmentally appropriate word study approach to spelling instruction? This study analyzed the progress of 22 kindergartners in spelling development at a school in a low to middle class socioeconomic area in southern California. First, students were given a qualitative spelling inventory to determine group placement and developmental level. Next, the kindergartners received word study instruction for sixteen weeks based at their developmental level. At the end of the instruction period, a fmal qualitative spelling inventory was administered. The researcher compared the data and found that the majority of students achieved gains in spelling achievement and feature scores. The findings explore the importance of a word study approach in spelling instruction. Item only available to the CSUSM community. Authentication with campus user name and password required.