La Caprichosa model: a study of an educational program for English language learners

The purpose of this Master's project is to explain a an educational program with the purpose of educating students learning English as a second language, a program that was developed at La Caprichosa Elementary, in the district of La Mera, California. This program, also known in the district as the La Caprichosa Model, was implemented for three years, from the school year of2000-2001 to the school year of 2002-2003. In this Master's project I will explain the reasons and steps that led to the creation of the La Caprichosa Model, its configuration; implementation, results, impact, implications, and consequences. The original purpose of this program was to make sure there was advancement in the education of English as a second language, a term to which I will refer as ELD, as it stands for English Language Development. For this, students labeled as English learners were placed in groups according to their English proficiency levels. Instruction was systematic and aligned to ELD standards. The La Caprichosa Model also had an impact in the education of Spanish as a Second Language, a term I will refer as SSL. This Master's project will analyze the different steps towards the full implementation of La Caprichosa Model, an elementary school in California.