Understanding teachers perceptions of their involvement in the participative decision making process at their school site

This report examines how important the academic teachers at a subject school perceive their current input to the school decision making process to be. Forty-five academic teachers were invited to complete a Likert-style questionnaire and their responses were analyzed using Thirty-three ofthese forty-five academic teachers responded resulting in a 73% return rate. They gave their opinions as to how important they perceive their involvement in the school decision making process to be. Based on the information provided in the research questionnaire, there appears to be a model of decision making in place at the school, but not all academic teachers feel they play an important role in this process. Reasons for this will be explored by studying past research. Barriers preventing staff from participating more will also be discussed. The support systems currently in place at the school along with the areas viewed favorably by academic teachers will be highlighted.