A Hmong enrichment and college-preparatory program: teaching resilience through Hmong history and culture

Overall there is lack of ethnic studies curriculum to supplement the core social studies curriculum in high school classrooms. Hmong students, in particular, often do not have access to academic courses that teach about the history and culture of Hmong people, even when they attend a school that serves a large population of Hmong students. In addition, statistics show that Hmong students are underperforming when compared to other Asian subgroups and the general American population. This project aims to use the teaching and learning of Hmong history and culture to empower Hmong students to excel academically. This project utilizes data from 3 main sources: 1) the United States Census Bureau, 2) various nonprofit agencies serving the Hmong community, and 3) the Elk Grove Unified School District (primarily Valley High School). The statistics analyzed in this project serves as the foundation for developing a curriculum that will meet the needs of Hmong students. The curriculum encourages students to engage in critical dialogue about the Hmong American experience and the development of a bicultural identity for Hmong American students. This project is designed to accomplish two main goals: to educate Hmong students about the history and culture of Hmong Americans and to provide mentorship and college-preparatory resources that will ensure more Hmong students attain academic success.