RISC-It-All: A Real-Time Data Encryption Simulation

Modern day technology's consistently fast development is no longer a surprise to the users and consumers of it. The sheer speed at which technology develops has numbed citizens' to its continued improvements, creating an environment where society only feels awe when its development becomes gradual. Most users often overlook a crucial aspect of the technology they make use of: its ability to manipulate data in some manner. Regardless of the industry in which technology is being used, data is almost always a key factor and is much more precious than everyday users believe it to be. Data hiding and encryption is a key function enveloped within any technology used to process data. My design project is aimed to provide a live simulation of how specific data that is useful to a party would need to be transferred to ensure security and integrity. It utilizes a sonar to acquire the distance of an object in its perimeter, a microcontroller unit (MCU) to process this data anonymously, and a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) unit with an embedded microprocessor to retrieve this data and encrypt it so that it is not easily accessible to anyone. The only way to access this data is to have a specific key in one's possession. This simulation offers users a hands-on understanding of how precious data is processed during communication of interested parties.