Student voice: the conceptualization and application of strategies at the high school level

There is growing need for staff buy-in and resources to educate school members on the benefits and methods of implementation of student voice strategies. Although schools strive to increase student achievement and create a safe space for students, the lifestyles and needs of high school students are ever-changing. This means school practices should constantly be updated using the input of the students themselves. While some schools have made attempts to implement select student voice practices, knowledge of the many student voice strategies that can be applied school wide are not widely recognized. A review of the literature serves as data for the understanding of student voice and its associated positive student outcomes. A literature and curriculum review was also conducted to create resources to educate high school staff on the background and implementation strategies regarding student voice. A finding from this experience is that school personnel need to be challenged to reevaluate the presumption that adults have a better understanding than youths on issues regarding how youths learn and what youths need to learn.

Project (Ed.S., Education (School Psychology))--California State University, Sacramento, 2019.

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