Aircraft ground station communications test environment characterization

This project report presents the concept, rationale, and results for the environment characterization pertaining to an aircraft communications ground test. The overall objective of this effort was to explore the supposition that an aircraft communications ground test with a relatively close range can adequately represent ground to air communications with a slant range of 0.4 nautical miles. Initial preliminary test analysis had presumed a single direct transmission path for calculations of both a close 50ft range and 0.4Nmi slant range. This effort involved gathering data from electromagnetic software simulations that were representative of a ground test with a close range of approximately 50ft and of a ground to air communications scenario with a slant range of 0.4 nautical miles. Simulations including scattering objects, transmissions, reflections, diffractions, and multiple paths were planned to complete a more comprehensive evaluation of both scenarios.

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