Graduate project

Utilization of educational interventions and continuous glucose monitor to improve gylcemic control in patients with type II diabetes and substance use disorder

There is a lack of published, successful strategies to monitor and manage glycemic levels in individuals with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Individuals with SUD report difficultly maintaining a healthy diet and integrating appropriate lifestyle modifications to effectively manage diabetes long-term. This grant proposal aims to study the impact of an educational intervention with the use of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) device for management of blood glucose. HgA1c levels will be the primary variable to demonstrate glycemic control as it directly correlates with reductions in long term complications and mortality. The impact of the study will provide evidence of the usefulness and acceptability of a CGM device in management of diabetes in this population that will support adoption of these tools in diabetes education programs. Ultimately, the results of this study seek to reveal a strategy for individuals with T2DM and SUD that will result in improved health outcomes.