An effective system for documenting student progress toward annual IEP goals

Special education teachers are required by federal law under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 1997), to document student's growth towards their annuaiiEP goals. This thesis was written to address the need and importance of record keeping systems that can be used by special education teachers in their classrooms to document student growth toward their annuaiiEP goals. Currently there are limited models of systems used by special education teachers on how to collect data and document student's progress. This study provides an example of a record keeping system for student IEP goals that is easy to create, use on a daily basis, and maintain over a period of time, such as a school semester. The system that actually was developed by the researcher has three components: 1) a template for organizing and identifying specific IEP goals for each group of students, 2) evidence recording sheets for each student's goals, and 3) templates to record data for different I EP goals. Key Words: Individual Education Program, record keeping, goal documentation, templates, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act