Masters Thesis

An Evaluation of the Sports Medicine Department at California State University, Bakersfield: satisfaction of the customers

This study was conducted in order to evaluate the customer satisfaction of the Sports Medicine Department at California State University, Bakersfield. The certified athletic trainers (ATC) at CSUB do not currently have not implemented an evaluation tool. The research for this project set out to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the department. This information will provide evidence about the areas that need improvement to keep up with the transition to Division I athletics. The qualitative portion of the study consisted of interviews with the three ATCs. The interviews provided a better understanding of the job of an athletic trainer and their views about their own department. Next, surveys were administered to the student-athletes and the coaches. In determining customer satisfaction, it is important to receive feedback from the customers themselves. The student-athletes were the focus of the study and the coaches were surveyed in order to see if there was a relationship between their responses and their student-athletes. Recommendations for the ATCs are (1) Strategic Planning for Resources, (2) Expanding Services, (3) Strengthen Relationships, (4) Communicate Operational Practices, and (5) Continuous Quality Improvements.


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