Water conservation practices in Sacramento region public parks: responding to the California drought

On April 1, 2015, Jerry Brown, the governor of California, ordered water conservation practices because of severe drought in the state. Based on governmental orders, water usage should be decreased by 30%. Parks, as public places that use significant amounts of water, are in the front lines of water conservation efforts in California. Experts in the parks field are looking for new ways to save more water and decrease the water waste in parks. The city of Roseville in the Sacramento area is one of the pioneers in water conservation. They have succeeded in reducing close to 30% of water usage since 2009. Applying new technologies in irrigation, using recycled water for irrigation, applying wetting agents in turf grass, xeriscaping, and water injection for stressful areas are some of the water-saving methods. The Parks department of Roseville has applied these solutions in Roseville parks. Often they succeed and get satisfactory results; however, some methods work better than others.