Masters Thesis

Academic handbook for English language learners and their families

There is a vocabulary gap between English Language Learners (ELL) and English Only (EO) students which has yet to be meaningfully addressed (Cummins, 2008). This gap widens as students move up in grades as EO students pick up new words while ELLs have to build a foundation of words as well as trying to close the gap. Educators can help narrow the vocabulary gap if they are adequately trained in academic instruction, enforce vocabulary on a daily basis, and work to bridge the gap between school and home. My project handbook, titled Academic Language Handbook for English Language Learners and their Families, provides teachers and families alike with tools including: direct instruction on how to teach academic vocabulary, a graphic organizer, customized Wonders academic vocabulary cards for grade 1, frequently asked questions, and additional resources to reinforce vocabulary (August, D., Bear, D., Bumgardner, K., Cerna, P., Echevarria, J., Fisher, D., et al, 2017).