Simple and Reliable Pump

A project submitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the B.S. degree. Department of Mechanical Engineering ME 494

Potable water has always been a critical need for society. Certain regions of the world require a better supply of this resource. Many third world countries, especially in arid climates, are rampant with disease due to contaminated water sources. Standing water tends to incubate disease, and unfortunately either due to lack of education or alternatives, people still rely on it for village needs. They can be significant distances from the dwellings and an individual (many times a child) will spend close to an entire day walking to and from these tainted water supplies. This is time that could be spent more productively, and in the case of children, perhaps toward education. In the long run, the benefits of this education would benefit all facets of life in an area. Wells provide a safer and closer source of water to the villages. There is an initial expense involved with drilling a well, but a simple technique called the percussion drill has been used for centuries to bore holes into the ground. The completed well will provide access to safe drinking water and a greater potential for agriculture. Furthermore, the surplus time can be spent toward education, or at least productive labor, instead of walking to and from a distant water source. To combat these things we established a team to design a more efficient and cost effective water pump for these wells. This team examined the types of pumps that are currently in use, while also considering less traditional ideas. The most important parameters for this endeavor were cost, reliability, simplicity, and readily available replacement parts. This simple pump could provide many people a better quality of life.