Gender Dichotomy in Horror Characters

The United States has increased the awareness for gender fluidity through social expressions and movements. The horror community as a subspace of American society reflects the practice of gender fluidity. The horror community utilizes the diverse platforms of book, film and the internet to create horror characters and stories. Slenderman was a gender neutral horror character developed in 2009 that transformed into a gendered character through fanfictions and fan arts. We discover the gendered transformation of Slenderman from comparison analysis of original and fan-based Slenderman in addition to fanfictions text mining. We examine the history of horror characters with the analysis of Frankenstein, Freddy and Ring and text mining on the word selections between female and male author in 100 horror books and 100 horror movie scripts. We discover the existence of gender binary structure throughout the history of horror characters. The gender dichotomy in the horror community reveals the inconsistency between the practice and awareness of gender fluidity in the United States.