Interventions with Dignity: Creating Resources for Students that Preserve Self-Worth

This project examines the different types of reading interventions that are available to high school students reading at a kindergarten level, mainly Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words. The focus of the project was on how when creating reading interventions, people are often focused on younger grades and rely on picture books to create the interventions. When placing these interventions in front of high school students, they may feel demoralized in the work they need to do to succeed. This project creates a workbook for students utilizing real life pictures of different short -a vowel words to preserve dignity and give older students normalization within their work. The research question answered in this project was: what type of intervention, workbook or worksheets can I create for upper-grade students to work on kindergarten-level reading, while still preserving their dignity? In creating this workbook, I concluded that students deserve to feel that the work they are doing, no matter what level, should reflect their age range in presentation. Keywords: normalization, age-appropriate interventions, dignity, upper grade students.