Graduate Project

Creation of a Nonprofit Organization to Address Foster Care Emancipation Predicaments

This report documents the development of a non-profit (NPO) organization whose mission is to address foster youth challenges as they transition to independent adult life. A brief analysis of the topic was performed to outline parameters for the NPO work. The creation cycle began with applications to comply with legal requirements. Fundamental activities, such as installation of the board of directors, writing a mission statement and vision, and adoption of bylaws and articles of incorporation, were accomplished prior to conducting NPO activities. After these initial steps, a comprehensive review of the literature and best practices was conducted to inform the developmental activities of the organization. Research abounds on the dismal current affairs in education, employment, housing and independent living programs for foster care youth transitioning from foster care. The literature gave critical information on the plight of foster youth who are not taking advantage of available services, are not emotionally mature, and are not financially able to begin adulthood alone. In response to the literature findings that foster youth want and need adult support, NPO Young Gatekeepers is structured to answer these needs and offer mentoring and long-term support.