High school personnel, faculty, administrators, and teachers' perceptions of how social media is impacting high school students and bullying behavior

The purpose of this research was to explore high school personnel, faculty, administrators, and teachers' perspectives on how social media impacts high school students in respect to cyber bullying behavior. The study was deemed significant because of the amplitude of social media applications with messenger features. Participants were and there was a total of n=78 participants who initiated the survey but only 54 surveys were entirely completed. Females accounted for over half of the participants at 64% compared to 34% males and only 1% did not specify. Mean age of participants was between 26-35 years of age. Over half, 60% of participants, thought that students should be active on social media compared to 40% who thought they should not. However, 95% of participants agreed that given the rise in social media, occurrences of bullying behavior have increased. Overall, the research found correlated with previous studies and sustained the outcome that there is still a high need for improvement in how cyber bullying behavior is addressed and handled.

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