Masters Thesis

Hope for all: addressing the "at-risk" student at Delano High School

Although significantly lower than the state average, Delano High School administration seeks to eliminate the dropout rate by developing an intervention program that motivates at-risk students to want to succeed in the class room and in life. Many negative individual and social factors are associated with dropping out. Poverty, crime, poorer health, cannot qualify for most jobs, and hurting the economy are just a few examples. To solve this problem, the school started an intervention program for the 2013-2014 school year that incorporated various approaches such as Career Choices, A-Plus, and other components to help motivate students to want to succeed in school and in life. Approved by school officials, I was allowed to observe the class room to help find ways where the program can be enhanced. By conducting research on current intervention programs, motivation, and dropout factors, combined with my observations on the current intervention program for the 2013-2014 school year, I found that although it was designed with good intentions, it lacks structure and support in various areas. It is recommended that the program be restructured with an addition of a few added components. Some components include changing the pacing guide of the program, instructor expectations, classroom modifications, and eliminating the belief that intervention is a credit recovery class. If done correctly, my proposed program will eliminate the dropout rate at Delano High School and create motivated students that are college and workforce, and who are ready to contribute positively to their community.

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