Graduate project

An implementation handbook for the Triad Project: a professional development model for science educators

The Next Generation Science Standards were adopted in 2013, and with the new standards came new pedagogical practices. The combination of these changes created a need for science teacher professional development. The Triad Project, a grant-funded, science professional development for educators was formed and implemented in Chico, California to provide professional development around the Next Generation Science Standards. The Triad Project is backed by research of effective professional development. Because of the proven effectiveness of the Triad Project’s model, other universities have shown interest in developing the model in their own contexts, creating a need for an implementation handbook. I created a Triad implementation handbook that includes four sections: an introduction to the Triad model, information regarding the partnership, a description of how to build three-person Triads, and the cornerstones of the Triad Project. With the handbook, individual districts/universities will be able to implement effective science professional development programs.