Graduate project

Developing a Leader Measurement Scale in the Hospitality Industry

Current types of measurements such as employee surveys aim to measure employee satisfaction which aids in measuring leadership teams. Other measurements include leader evaluations which measures an individual’s performance. However, leader evaluations tend to focus on items that are easily measurable items such as budget, guest service scores, sells goals, etc. Leader evaluations do not tend to focus on items that are harder to quantify such as an individual leader’s contribution to the internal quality of the workplace. This is an issue because the workplace environment is a critical aspect to driving employee satisfaction which drives production quality and leaders play an enormous role in contributing to the internal quality of an organization. This study intended to aid in the creation of a measurement that can be used by any member, at any level of the organization to evaluate a leader’s effectiveness of their contribution to a positive work place environment. This study focuses on the well-being theory, creativity, communication, and commitment as drivers that contribute to a positive workplace environment. The development of measurable items is to be used on an individual basis. This allows for discoverable of opportunities in which an individual leader can improve their contribution to the betterment of the workplace environment.