Management by objectives in an emergency department setting

The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effectiveness of a management by objectives training program for managers and their subordinates in a health care setting. This paper described the present management by objectives performance evaluation system in an emergency department of a large medical center in Los Angeles. The training program was developed to teach how to write performance objectives. The evaluative instruments were developed by the author. Recommendations were made and based on the data obtained. The general findings of the project maybe summarized as A) The questionnaire results indicated that line management and their subordinates felt they clearly understood the present management by objectives performance evaluation system. B) Management in the emergency department was dissatisfied with the present job performance evaluation, because they felt it did not achieve its purpose, while their subordinates were satisfied with the current evaluation procedures. C) The pretest and post test administered during the training program showed that line staff did not really understand the evaluation system while line management did. D) The training program was effective in increasing line management and their subordinates' knowledge about their evaluation system and about writing measurable objectives.