Guidance program for school counselors addressing fourth graders about bullying

Bullying in elementary school is very common and is extremely detrimental to children's emotional health, social welfare and academic success. Although there are many anti-bullying programs implemented all over the world in every level of school, bullying is still a major problem. School counselors have an important role to play in education and guidance regarding bullying at the elementary school level. For this thesis project, a guidance program, "Don't Be A Bully, Be A Friend," was created to be presented by school counselors. It aims to teach fourth grade students over an 8-week period strategies and skills to handle and eliminate bullying situations. Students will learn what bullying is, the negative consequences of bullying and how to prevent bullying. Furthermore, this program will address empathy, appropriate communication, and leadership skills through role-play, discussion and technology. The goal of this program is for children to learn that bullying is harmful to all involved and it is up to the students to be advocates for a bully-free school.